Pandora Discovered

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Our Pandora Writing Project

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Welcome to our Pandora inspired writing project blog…

For three weeks from the end of January 2011, Year 6 at Heathfield Primary School in Bolton embarked on a writing project inspired by the world of Pandora from the film Avatar. We used the video at the top of this blog to begin thinking about how we could describe such a place. In addition t that, we then invited none other than Pie Corbett into our Literacy lesson through Coveritlive on our blog to help us develop a plot and characters. We spend the final week planning and writing our final drafts to place on our Year 6 blog. They were so great, we made a fantastic new Pandora themed blog to host the project work.

We really hope you enjoy reading our work, please remember to comment as it really makes a difference to a pupil when you do!

You will see additional writing on this blog too. The pupils completed Non-Chronological Reports in addition to the creative writing we worked on. Please make sure you scroll through the pages to see the whole picture!

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The World of Pandora – By Mohammed

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Pandora is 4.4light years away from Earth. It’s solar system is called Alpha Centuri. The World of Pandora is Earth’s nearest Stella neighbour. AlphaCenturi A or A.C.A. Known to astronomers is Pandora’s largest sun.Furthermore, Pandora is one of many moons orbiting the planet Polythenes which is approximately the size of Saturn. Pandora has a toxic atmosphere which makes it uninhabitable for humans.


Pandora is a world of strange beauty. It’s tropical Rain forest covers large parts of all continents. On a scale, Pandora is many times larger than anything on earth. Hallelujah mountains float due to the magnetic fields caused by unobternium which is a very rare type of metal. Every living thing has bio-luminous qualities. This means that at night, every living thing omits light in patterns. There is also the tree called the Tree of Souls. The Navi(humanoids,) worship this tree and believe it is the key of life.

Animals that live in the sky

There are a large variety of animals and all of them are awe-inspiring.However, there are only 3 animals that live in the sky: Hexapods- they are six-limbed and purple. Banshee- Banshee’s are used by the Navi to hunt and to keep the land safe. They are approximately 2.7metres tall and a mix colour of green and blue. Lastly,there is the Great Leanoptrix. This is probably the king of the sky. Even the banshee is prey for it. It is 4metres tall and vicious. The main colour for it is orange.

Animals that live on Land

Many animals live on land including the Navis. Navis are humanoids and are 9-10feet tall. Their skin colour is blue. Unlike m0st animals, the Navis are one of the who are kind. Their main weapon is the bow and arrow.However, they use it for hunting and for anyone who comes to attack them. Another one of the animals is the Dinohorse. This is a six-legged bahima used for hunting by the Navis. There is also the viperwolves. Viperwolves are fierce and live in packs. They have cuspidate teeth and sharp eyes. Lastly, there is the Vanitour. This is the most fierce and vicious animal.Even though it’s small, it can eat anything. All the animals avoid the Vanitour as it is the King of animals.


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Pandora Non-Chronological Report: By John

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Pandora is in the southern hemisphere of Alpha Century. 4.4 Light years from earth, Pandora is the closes stulla neighborer to Earth. Pandora is many-a-moons, which circle a gas giant named the size of Saturn- Alpha Century A or ACA to astrominas. Due to the fact that, Pandora is near Alpha Century A, it is uninhabitable for humans.

Dangerous Animals

Pandora, has more than beauty, a winged animal such as the Banshee, has a distinctive blue coat, so they don’t get caught by the Great Lia Notrex, who is by far the king of the sky. A six winged creature, called a Hexagod who is the smallest flying creature animal in the Pandora atmosphere.

Friendly Animals

Dire Horse (a six legged Behemoth) are used by the local Na’vis for hunting. Na’vis can stand 9-10 ft. tall and weigh up-to 8 Stone, they have smooth cyan-coloured skin, large eyes and sweeping tails. Thick skinned hammer-head Titanathaurus, are another complex tall, but frriendly animal.

Day Appearance

At sun-light the sun shines, bright as our sun does. You can find a rain-forest much bigger, on a scale to any-thing on Earth. A humid gas circles the world of Pandora, due to the fact that it is next to a collosal gas giant (Polyphines). Most of the area of Pandora is a breath-taking Rain-forest.

Night Appearance

At night it’s like you have entered another world completely, you will find that the ground lights-up beneath your feet, and the seeds from the Hentalah tree of life, saves you when you find your-self in danger, it also helps you when blood or scratches are visible, they come to heal the the weak. The water at night is clear as Crystals. Pandora is AMAZING!!!


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The World of Pandora – By Ellie

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Pandora, is approximately 4.4 light years from Earth. Pandora is known as Alpha Centauri (solar system). Many scientists see it as Pandora is the nearest Stella neighbour. Eventhough, the world of Pandora is the Largest sun, it has many moons orbiting. Polythenus is a gas giant the size of Saturn. The toxic atmosphere, which is inhabitable to humans.


Pandora’s perfect appearance at day!

The tropical beauty of Pandora covers large continents. The scale is 100 times the size of the objects on Earth. Magnetic fields caused by unobtainable (which is metal). Hallelujah Mountains are known to float in mid-air due to the gravity that pulls it up but repels the metal in the world. Bio-luminous quality’s are every living things.


Pandora at night time!

Plants, animals and marine organism’s are all cleverly connected. At night time, Pandora omits light in a breathtaking pattern. The whole of the world would communicate like a nervous system. Wood spikes – are seeds from a social tree, of souls. Navi’s believe that it is a key of life.


What are the dangerous, beautiful animal like?

As you know, there are a huge variety of animals in the tropical world of Pandora. Most animals are winged and hexapods. The yellow humonoids, are at the height of 9-10 feet tall, with two legs. Also the Direhorse’s are six legged bo-human’s, which is used by Navi for humans. The Navi used for Banshi to hunt from the air. There is a king of the sky and it is named Leanoptrex. Pandora has packs of Viper Wolfe’s, they are really thick-skinned. Also the hammer head thyasouras is thick-skinned. The thanatour – is known to be the most fearsome creature, and also is a Land Preditor.


By Ellie.


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The World of Pandora – By Murron

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The world of Pandora

The world of Pandora is a world of wonder and mystery. It is 4.4 light years from Earth. Alpha Centauri is the solar system of Pandora. Earth is the nearest stellar neighbour to Alpha Centauri and also it is the largest sun of Pandora .Pandora is one of many moons orbiting Polythenus which is a gas giant planet the size of Saturn. Also Pandora has toxic atmosphere which is uninhabitable to humans.


Pandora is a tropical rainforest which covers a large part of all continents. The rainforest is as big as anything on Earth. Also it has magnetic fields which is caused by unobtanuim (very rare metal). It also has hallelujah mountains which floats in mid air.

Pandora at day and night

Pandora at day is just a rainforest, but at night it all changes. It all glows and I mean all glows, Pandora at night is much brighter than Pandora at day.

Animals in Pandora

In Pandora there are lots of huge animals, there are dangerous animals and friendly animals. The animals are called Navi’s which are humanoids and they stand 9feet tall and they have two legs. Also there are Direhorse’s which the Navi’s use for hunting and also the Banshi are used for hunting by the Navi’s as well. There are lots of different animals as well they are called The Great Leanoptrex which is the king of the sky. Also there are the pack of Wolves, Thinskinned Hammerhead Tythanasaurs and the last one is the Thanator the most fearsome land predictor.

By Murron


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My Pandora Report – By Fern

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Pandora is a mysterious world of wonder and beauty. It is filled with mythical things from day and night, now matter which way you look, at it, it is gorgeous. Pandora is one of the m,any moons orbiting the planet Polifinus. It is a gas giant the size of Saturn. If you take one breath from the toxic atmosphere that lies in Pandora, that can suffocate you in seconds There is beauty in everything even the most frighting things.


The world of Pandora is a mythical place with unique animals. Flowers sitting tranquil waiting to be picked Many strange things lie beneath the atmosphere of the canopy. Green, blue,red, every colour is seen in the world of Pandora. The collosal animals shimmer in the silver of the moon. A huge water fall wiating

Night time appearance

At night, everything glows its comes alive. Things start to move, animals start to be seen. The humanoid navees start to walk about at night. The rives shimmer in the light of the glistening of the shimmering moon.

Dangerous animals.

Deadly yet magnificent animals live in the world of Pandora, such as the Horseypod a 6 metre tall horse. The thick skimmed hammer head that scatter through the forest for the if prey and will be viscous if they never get it.

Friendly animals.

Glowing bugs that float across the crystal clear water. Eagle like hawks that circle through the sky and come down for you to stroke their heads. Many animals lie beneath the canopy of pandora.


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Thomas and Liam's discussion…

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During a lesson that was being observed by my Headteacher last week, I just heard a conversation that Thomas and Liam were having about trying to improve their writing. I placed my iPhone on their desk, and walked off, leaving them to carry on their discussion. Below is what was recorded, how sensational is this?


What a fantastic level of conversation!

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Our Pandora inspired writing project

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As many of you reading this will know, we have been completing a writing project over the last 2.5 weeks inspired by this video about the ‘World of Pandora’ from the film Avatar:

If you scroll through the blog you will come across all sorts of posts but if you use the following link, you will see only the Pandora related posts:

Pandora Link

You will notice that the post are in reverse chronological order so you may want to scroll down to the bottom of the link and go to page 2 to see the planning work we did at the beginning of the project. This way, you’ll end with the finished stories. The project isn’t entirely completed yet…

Some of the pupils are currently writing non-chronological reports about the world of Pandora itself, so please come back to see this independent writing!

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Pond of blood

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It all happend when a took struck ! Mattias was up in space in the new supersonic rocket-powered 2.0 gallatic space shuttle when the Asteroid broke into two and hit the shuttle. The shuttle crashed and burned in agony!

Fear struck him as surrounding him were strange crunching noises, then pain quickly followed as he had a monumental piece of asteroid still in his leg. Promptly, he opened both eyes and jumped up awkwardly as he saw towering over him giant tree standing firm like a skyscraper. The place was magical and mythical. It was a wonder of the universe, there was a toxic atmosphere surrounding him but, he luckly had his space suit on. Cascading down the waterfall, tricky transparent water falls swiftly in a pool that is down below of a towering waterfall. The ragged and wrinkly roots, that are dying from thirst act as pathways for Mattias to get from one part of this mythical land to the other. The sensitive pollen on the flowers that make Mattias sneeze, were whooshed away from a vigourous gust of wind into his face. The bulky trees that seem to be surrounding Mattias from everywhere stand firm as there gaunt branches dislogded from side-to-side.

He struggled to stand tall, but just about manages. Suddenly,  something out of the blackness emerged out,with eyes as bright as the sun, a creature that resembled a minotaur drew closer…..
Mattias was petrified, the ferocious beast had claws as sharp as Zues’ lightning rod and his shark like teeth were humongoes.Vicously the beast gnarled at him, as he cautiously stepped a few feet back to know when he ran he had a head start. The humid weather meant it was going to be to tiring  to run so, Mattias not trying to scare the beast carefullyand slowly moved backwards. Just then, the beast dragged his foot back and forth, so at the speed of light Mattias darted up a tree root to his safety.Mattias knew he was safe but the beast didn’t, so the blood-thirsty beast charged for him but he didn’t reach and he fell to the floor and rolled of a cliff then when he reached the bottom all you could hear was boooooooth like a nuclear bomb. After a few hours up in the tree, Mattias anxiously glanced down to see if the beast had gone, then inquisitively one step after the other he came down. He stumbled over a log only being on the ground for 5 seconds, he suddenly found himself falling down what he would say a trap!
The next thing he knew he was flat on a floor  in a rookeity mineshaft, he followed the mineshaft for many miles untill he came to a holt. In front of him was what seemed to be a diminutive door from miles was now towering over him. Nervously he opened the door and unexspectidely found hundreds of humans, that had been living on this planet for many decades.

Mattias and the other humans tried to work out a plan to get home but, unfortuneatly they couldnt think of any type of plan so, they just splitted up and hopped for the best…

Cautiously Mattias crept silently through the misty and dismal forest for many hours. Looking out into the darkness, Mattias could make out a path by the trees but,  he thought he was going to die but with that thought he thought it was just a stupid thing to say to himself so, he  started  to waddle down the path.He thought he could get out of this planet by nightfall but then, he looked up into the sky and realised it was already nightfall. He thought to himself he must get home for his children, his wife and most of all his dog( Pepper.) As midnight fell upon them the other humans got fed up of playing games to get home so they just relaxed and packed in, Mattias was really angry and stompt of to find a way home. Depresed, Mattias made a camp bed out of really mucky and damp twigs and branches to have maybe a better night sleep than the night before where he was on a really hard stone wall! The next morning when he woke up he got straight to work to find a way home.Sweating really badly he poured all of his water over him just then realising he needed that water to drink as he was dying from thirst. After many days of searching for a way home, he came to a small village were giant blue people lived, thinking he was a threat the blue people surrounded him with bow and arrows and spears. Then Mattias introduced himself and the blue people lowered the spears, Mattias tried to persuade the blue people to help him get home and they said to him they would help him. The blue people led Mattias to a pond of blood and said to him goodbye. Mattias didn’t know where to go or what to do but then, he risked his life and went into the pond of blood.Then when his full body was in the pond he disappeared……

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My Pandora story. (By Fern)

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It was the smae old day, boring, so miserable. I sat in the corner of the depressing classroom . The teacher was yapping on about how to do this and how to do that. I looked around and every one seemed intrested! The teacher had very short grey hair with one clip in to hold her fringe back. Here tight clothes were clinging on her like a baby monky. She wore high heels that were black and her sharp glasses looked at me with a terrifying look.  I took a glance out side. The mist was covering the whole school like a blanket, trying to suffacate it. Huge trees waiting for something exciting to happen. The eary sky as grey as the lead in my pencil. Rain falling because it doesn’t have anything else to do. The poor grass getting viscously pushed from side to side in the ghastly wind.  I got my book out, and started to read… I fell asleep.

When I woke up I could feel the cold air smothering my skin.Pain struck me first like a lighting bolt.  I looked up, collosal roots hanging on trees like a monkey tail The trees where the biggist thing Iv’e ever seen. It was still grey, damp and dark, it looked like they just had a storm! A huge moon twirling round the planet that I was on. the was an eagle like hawk circleing the sky. The sky was just starting to turn blue… BRIGHT blue! At the side of me was a magnificent , golden box, that shimmering in the golden sunlight. On the side of this box, was a fragial piece of paper on this was a posh printed writing

I read it out “try your very best , if you go on this quest, if you dont you wont return to the North west.
I opened up the golden box, inside was a glistening , sharp sword. Something inside me felt really strange feeling in my stomach. I clapsed the sword in my hands it was slightly heavy! I clamped the sword on to the moddle of my belt at my side.

 rapidly, I was just about to jump up into the air when peering at me was a body as black as the night sky, which made his two blood thirsty eyes stand out like suns from outer space.
 As quick as a teradactapoid could fly, I ran up to the animal, I wasn’t going to back down if this ment home. I knew roughly what to do but I didn’t want to. I took a stepped foward, the animal was peering at me with its two eyes which made me slightly nervous. the animal knew that I was a threat, It stretched to its hind legs standong as tall as the tallest tree on Earth. I held my sword high and proud, the beast jumped down and as quick as a flash I slashed the horn of this terrifying beast. OWWWWWWWW !!!!! the animal howled an fell to the ground with a horrific thud that shook the ground.

With guilt I sadly walked away, I placed the horn into my pocket, regreting everything I just did, I tried to think happy thoughts.. home…home…home..

Moments later, I started to feel really tired , I slowly crept up  an abandend tree an peered into the distance….
 When I woke up It was like I was on  a different planet. The whole place had come alive. It was a mythical place with unique animals. Flowers sitting very tranquil waiting to be picked. Many strange things lie in the atmospher underneath the canopy. Green, blue yellow every colour is seen in the world of Pandora. The immense animals shimmering in the silver of the moon. A huge water fall trickeling waiting to reach the bottom. Rivers shimmering in the glow of small bugs from up above. Colossal animals flyin gin the sky, watching what goes on beneath them like a hawk. Suprisingly there was a diminutiv edoor in the background.

All of a sudden, something grabbed my shoulder,  lots of things have gone on between from when I got here an know, I had no idea what this could be. My heart was bouncign in and out of my chest. I wanted to scream but terror reached my voice before I made it. What would it be? I turned around as slow as a snail, to find myself peering at a nine to ten foot tall beast. The huge silloughette towered above me. please not another fight…

”Errm.. Hhello0” I stuttered. I was trying to act normal but I was to scared to be normal.
I thought it was a girl it defanatley looked it.
”Dont be scared, I wont eat you”  She joked.
I managed to peep a smile.

She seemed nice, I wanted to ask two questions, Where was I and can I get home ?
”Can I get home?” I muttered.
”yes you can, but you have to stay here for a while, my speices are trying to find a way for you to get home we think we know a way, but it isn’t ready yet.”
” How did you know that I was here?” I asked bewildered.

So, me and  Andrexia  (that was her name spent the whole day making a tent to sleep in. One more day till I can go home.

The mornign after, the other blue Navves came over and told me that I could go home! The took me up to the most dazzaling sight. It was a door the door was steal and very very heavy to open. There was patterns on the side. Was this like my front door?
”Are you ready? ”
” Yes I’m ready”
I opened the door, It was just totally dark.
” Are you sure that this my way home” I asked
”Yes” the whole Navee tribe answered all at the same time!

I took one step into the door then the other foot. I fell with a shok , all went quiet…

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Ovar, The planet

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Ovar. A world of critical beauty. The dangerousair is toxic, lethal, even. The world is scattered withfloating rocks. Its a rain forestbut on a much larger scale. The trees are cyclopean. Pandora is amazing. pandorais… my home. Pandora is also hometo the cassador, the shavar and thekillers of Ovar, the veclaptor. I’m a shavar. Shavarsare humanoids, withgreen skin and 3 eyes. We hunt cassador(big thickskinned beasts) and veclaptorshunt… us. I’m a shavarhunter, and the hunt was on…

Runninglegs, as fast as lightning. The cassadorwas running. Spears where thrown. All but one missed the cassador. The poisensunk  in. It stubbled. Wehad it, the cassador. “another succsesfullhunt” my best freind charlesgleefully said. “and not one of us came  into contact with a veclaptor” I replied. “We will though” muttered Charles in a slumph. “what do you mean?” I asked in confusion. “haven’t you heard” saidCharles. “heard what?” I replied. This was concerning me. “The veclaptors. There coming” saidCharles “on thevines” finished Charles. “Cut thevines” I suggested. “We can’t. Theyhold usto the main root. ” “Kill them oneby one.” “Exactly!” yelledCharles.

“Boss, I have a messagefor you!” bellowed a messenger. “What? Has the toaster broken again?” Theboss boomed back. “No, noboss, much more disturbingthan that.” replied the messenger. “The veclaptorsare coming, all of them. On thevines.” finishedThe messenger. “What?” boomedboss. “I must tell every one!” later, theboss stood on his stand (this is wherehe stands to do his speeches”All right every one, listen up!” everyone’sfaces turned to boss. He was a smallbut strong shavar. His musculswhere as big as cassadors.”The veclaptorsare coming. All of them, tommorow.” there  where murmmersin thecrowd. “So we need to act fast. Iwanteveryoneto get 5 spears, dip them in poisenand be ready tommorow.” ordered boss.

The next day, we waited in suspence, with our spears dripping in poison. A veclaptor started its jurneyup thevines. Someone threw a spear. The poisen sunckin. The veclaptorstumbled. It fell down, d-d-o-o-w-w-n-n, d-d-d-o-o-o-w-w-w-n-n-n into ovar. Another veclaptorcame, another spear was thrown, it fell, and well thatshow it went all the way.”Well thatsthat” saidCharles ” “Isn’t the veclaptor king yet to come?” ” theres to many of us, he won’t come” ” O.K. then”. I didn’t meanit. All day I nervously waited for the veclaptorking to come. I silently witedin the night after every one had goneto their cassador-skinned hammocks. It was night-time in Ovar. The night time creatures silently cameout to play. Thehules flew here and there, scattering happiness. the leaves on the trees glowed with wonderouse beauty. Another world. I had never seen night-time in Ovar, before. hours passed. I heard a rustle on the vines. I threw my spear. It bounced up. I saw the spikes of a veclaptor slowly rise up, over the edge of the rock. Eyes rose up. The vecaptor king climbed over the edge over the rock. The veclaptor king prowled over to me. It leaped. I threw my spear. I got it in the mouth. It slowly dawdled back, pulled out the spear and threw back at me. I did a high dive. I landed in a heap. The veclaptor king beant over me. This was the first time I got a good look at the king. It was a 6 legged beast, with 4 rows of spikes coming down its back. It teath dripping with poisen. The rocks cracked. The kings face turned to horror as he fell.

By  Thomas (sorry about the spelling, It was never my strong point)

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The portal awaits, By Liam.

by on Feb.08, 2011, under Literacy

Ben Macin is not an ordinary type of person, he is more adventurous, and enthusiastic than most people. When Ben was just a young boy, there was only one job he could dream of doin, and after fourteen years, he has achieved his goal, and is now one of the worlds finest. That job was a stunt pilot.

It was a normal day, Ben was getting ready to practice his flying skills, when suddenly, the weather turned for the worst!The dark and gloomy sky was as dark as a panthers coat. There was a vast puff of smoke in the air, as a gust of wind blew by. Ben’s boss (Mr Damond) tried to convience Ben that he should not go out, however Ben barged past him, and got in his plane, and began to start the engines up. As Ben got higher and higher, he began to loose control. At that moment, Ben lost control altogether!

The next thing Ben knew, was that he was in his plane, and on what he thought was a desert. There was no injuries to him, only a few minor cuts and grases. Ben staggered looking for sivilitation. A few hours later, he found himself gazing upon a magnificent palace. Ben thought that the kingmust live there, and he does not want to anger him. So he carried on his journey. Finally, after two days of hicking, he found a tribe of people, Ben crept into their village, searching for food and water. Just then, people of the tribe walked into a hut and found Ben drinking their precious water. He was taken to the high chiefs office. They allowed him to become one of their own.Ben was told that this placeis not a desert, in fact it was an intergalactic world called GRATION!!!

They told ben that Gration is an exotic place, as the radiant sun begins to lower itself you can admire the full radiance of it’s landscape. This land is filled with utter beauty, such as : the meysterious caves, rushing waterfalls, which trickle down the rocky exteria of the cliffs, with light glimmering off it, tropical (deadly) plants, lucious vines, furthermore ragged cliffs. Mystical beasts roam the land, lurking in the distance, searching for it’s prey.These beasts have two faces, there is the domain side, and the vicious side, whom which their prey only see.

Ben was also told about the other tribe, which is the dispicable Trex tribe! Their peoplehad fought their army for many years, however they have never succeeded. They have now given up hope of ever getting home, because the only way to get home is too jump through the old furthermore weary glass portal, which lies in the home of their enemy the Trex tribe! Ben knew where they lived, it was the palace, he was sure of it.

Ben tried and tried to get them to put their army back together, however they would not give in. So Ben decided to make his own army to vanquish the trex tribe. He vowed to the chief, and all his people, and announced “if you follow me, you may die, but when we get out of here you can all live your lives as normal, but if you don’t you will never get free, so I don’t know about you, but I am getting out of here!”

As Ben walked along the cobbled pathway, weilding a jewel indented sword the chief had given him, hundredths of his people in the tribe him and help get home. They all ran as fast as their weiry legs could carry them, all weilding a weapon, screaming for victory!

In the far distance they saw fully armed warriors of the Trex tribe, waiting there, as still as a lonesome dead body on a battle field. As they got there, only three warriors of the Trex tribe stood courageously ready for battle. Suddenly, out of nowhere, thousands of enemy soldiers came reklessly, and surrounded Ben and his army.

At that moment, the Trex tribe fell to the floor all wounded, all with a burning arrow in their back. It was the chief and another army. They all ran into the palace, and headed up to the attic where the portal was located. The portal was there. They all had a choice weither to stay or not!

They all ran rapidly racing to get through the portal first. Apart from Ben he had made his choice, to stay, he exclaimed that his old life was boring (well it wasn’t for me) and that he wants to stay and have an exciting life. He would protect this world from anyone who would attack it. Ben was now a inter galactic enforcer, so if you ever go to Gration, look around you may see Ben.

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The Mist of Survival – By Binyameen

by on Feb.08, 2011, under Stuff

As I glared at my screen on the computer, I focused on every detail of my post. Just around me the warmth made my body relax having a pleasant feeling inside. Still in concentration on my post ( which was my best yet) sounds started to prick my ears. I wondered what it could be? Going off on the imaginary sound, I let go off my mouse. All of a sudden my whole heart frost like ice. Nothing was in sight. Nothing was to be heard. Then that was it. The lights turned off. It was pitch-black. I then realized I was being taken somewhere…

I lay motionless on the ground, with a soft curly spiral shivering on my back. I looked above and saw a luminous sky. Hovering over my face though were tall mountains floating in the mist. Slowly I stood up. Surrounding me standing as straight as pencils were a numerous amount of trees disappearing as they went on. I paced myself to walk a few steps. Crunch! Crunch! While I walked my feet soaked through the dampness of the moist of the soil. A radiant smell came in sight. As petrified as I was, the place soaked within me. The land seemed a world of wonder and unique mystery.

Suddenly, slow rustling sounds came from a 100 metres or so away. Turning sharply I backed away from the fierce slithering noise. Standing there right in front of me was the most shocking animal that I had ever seen. Glaring right at me. made my body freeze. Then I realised I was facing a Gratanot. A vicious smirk appeared on it’s face. It’s immense eyes stared at me in horror. Just by looking at it I knew it was famished. Still petrified by what I saw, I began to stroll a few steps. Nose twitching and mouth wide open, the Gratanot vanished into thick dust. At that moment came one huge, six limed bizarre animal. Horns as cuspidate as teeth fangs shot out of what seemed like a bruised and bulged up head. Standing right in front of me was a Cratchmon. Imagine a horse in a stable, now imagine a horse 10 times as big with two spiky horns. That was what I was facing right now. The tension inside filled up my whole body. Before I could react, I was taken by surprise. The Cratchmon came up to me telling me to hop on. Slowly I jumped on. Before I knew it the creature lurched forward and began the ride.

Whilst riding on the Cratchmon, loads of things came in sight. I picked on leaves which made my hands all wet and damp. Soon I realized that when I came to this awkward Gas Planet that I had not seen one single person. Just then something weird happened. Appearing out of nowhere was, my eyes glanced at a wide range of animals which were just coming behind us to join the ride. Time passed slowly as we continued this journey. Finally we came to a stop. After an exhausting two hour ride, I was met by green people (who were somehow eating some kind of insects). Their emerald green skin glowed brightly from the scorching hot sun that seemed to be almost shining everywhere. Trembling with fear, I reached towards the unusual people who then spoke with a deep voice.
“What are you doing here young man?”
I shuddered and replied saying ” I just appeared out of nowhere here, sir.”
“Nonsense!” answered the man. ” Take him away guards he does not belong here.”
Just then I was tossed and thrown and the floor moving frantically, as the men whipped me while I tried to get up.
“Please don’t take me away, I haven’t done anything wrong. Anyway who are you people!” I yelled.
The man replied ” I young boy, am Tronchmon.”
“Well please let me go now!” I raged.
By my surprise the guards stopped immediately.
“Farewell then,” Tronchmon said. “Listen carefully for you may not complete this task if you want to go home.”
Troncmon slowly began.” In five days youmust retrieve the Golden Egg-that awaits your arival for it has not been found since 100 years on this land of Pantarado.”
“What?” I said shocked.
One of the guards then said”He said you have-”
“Silence!” Tronchmon ordered. ” You young boy have to get the Golden Egg in ten days time and give back to me here. Now that is enough, so young boy your time will begin now.”
I then set off for what would probably be a long  journey ahead.

It was a long night sleep watching everything come alive in the world of Pantarado. Everything began to glow making the effect of a long stream of shining flowers. I walked tenderly towards the trees drenching myself in water from the soaking wet rain, that seemed to fall from the gloomy sky. When I reached the trees my hands felt watery from the moss spiralling the tree from top to bottom. Slowly I walked back to my place where I would be sleeping for the night. Once I got down my head touched the grass and I thought about the challenge that I had been set. It was going to be a tough one already I though to myself. I hit the ground and went straight to sleep. I lay down and took a long snooze

Finally I awoke from my sleep on my first real day on Pantarado. To be honest it wasn’t much of a difference than sleeping at home in my own cosy bed. Then I had a feeling that I hadn’t just slept for one day, I had slept for three days and nights. I got up feeling weary and tired and trotted down the field with my eyes still blinking from my nap that I took. After 15 minutes I stopped and found myself face to face with two animals peering at me with intense integrity. They examined me from head to toe, while descending down under the ground. Just then they disappeared into the mist and in a tick they vanished. I wondered why they kept doing that- disappearing as if they didn’t like me or something. I strolled along quietly as if nothing had happened watching out for anything quite suspicious. Finally I came to a stop. I sat down and began thinking of the task that I had been given. Was it going to be a hard task? Was it going to be easy? All them questions buzzed in my head. Tardily I stood up with my legs trembling with hurt. I walked straight to see an enormous tree awaiting me. Suddenly I had a quick idea and ran for it, however the branches curled neatly around my stomach lifting me up off the ground and back to where I had seen the tree. I then realised that this tree was the Tree of Eternity.
Without thinking about what I had done I blurted out saying ” Please could you help me.”
Just as I thought I had no answer. Then it happened. ” What do you need help for young man?” The tree asked.
“Well I was given this task within five days to find the Golden Egg and I have been traveling for at least 3 days and nothing has come in sight,” I replied in confusion.
” I can’t help you boy, because I am the Tree of Eternity and I only grant those who wish to ask me for Eternal life,” The tree said.
I backed away losing my patience with the tree. All these days so far I have worked hard to find the egg and now nothing is willing to help me. My whole body was weak and weary. I had given up. Now at the last point I had just under 2 days left. I whistled and saw my self in front of an Cratchmon. I cautiously hoped on and within seconds I found Tronchmon sitting with his guards staring at me with small beady eyes. I approached the men who sat crossed legged doing some kind of meditation. I tolled them I give up and I couldn’t stand it any more. I finally left, but I was stopped by one of Trochmon’s guards. I was told the most frightening thing I was ever told. Pantarado was now my home… I would be staying here trapped.

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Warriors Of Kudlak (By Saleha)

by on Feb.07, 2011, under Literacy


As the scortching sun was shining on the building, Combat 3000, I (Saleha) was playing a war game inside it. Children had protective armour on with a Sontaran Blaster with one hundred lives. Sprinting here and there, just waitind for clever people to attack, I was waiting for my points of level one. Showing my magnificent points, the talking computer announced, “You are ready for level two now! “Yes! Oh yes! I came first.” I replied, while jumping up and down like a brown kangaroo. With excitement, I dashed into level two of the war game in the colossal Combat 3000. However now, we only had ten lives in the Sontaran Blaster. There was a secret a room, where it led us to the world champion – ship of the war game. As soon as the first person gets inside the secret room, they would have the world champion – ship trophy. When I reached to the secret room, I got trapped between two doors. I panicked. Rapidly, my heart started beating. All of a sudden, there was thrash of lightening, with clouds banging and heavy rain. Brr! What had happened?


Plip! Plop! Plip! Plop! As the bitter water was dripping down of he leaves, I slowly opened my brown eyes. Gazing at the foggy sky, I stood up. Looking around me, I saw that this moon that I was on was a world of wonder and mystery, which was incredibly dangerous, but has strange beauty. Because of the toxic atmosphere, no human being could live on the moon without special protection. For some reason, as I got here (well how ever I got here), I already had special protection. As the sky was turning bright and the crystal, clear water reached at the end of the waterfall, viscous animals were here and there, sprinting everywhere. Just then, the sky turned misty. The leaves were waiting for the transparent, trickling water to drip off. Whilst life – threatening animals were roaming everywhere, colossal , bumpy trees were stood there silently and alone… Thirsty, ragged roots were looking for salty water to drink. On the other hand, I could see from far away, blue naves were gazing at animals to kill. As well as venture in the tropical rainforest, it looked radiant. This was a monumental world with dangerous beauty!


Strolling around this world, I heard people chit chattering. Holding my Sontaran Blaster, ready to fight with the victim, I crept nearer and nearer to the mountain which was big as as a tree on earth. I shouted, “Hands up!”           “Now, now! Thank you! I do look handsome, don’t I!” a boy replied. “No! He’s saying to put your ha….. nds up. Hee’s got a gun thing in his hands,” a girl replied back, putting her hands up. Putting my Blaster down, I announced back to everyone, “No, no! It’s all right! I thought you were a victim.” Walking towards everyone, I said, “Hi! My name is Saleha.” “Nice name,” said the boy, “My name is Luke.” The girl replied, “Or and my name is Gen.” Gen said, “Where are we?” I said, “I was playing in Combat 3000, and now I have been teleported here!”     “Wait, wait! Hang on. How do you know that all of us have been teleported here?” asked Luke. Replying back to Luke, I saw a weird thing. Anyway, I said to Luke, “We are obviously teleported. We’ve not flied all this way!” Running everywhere, finding a way to get out, a big alien thing came in front of us. Sssssss! What now…..


“Hey! That’s the weird thing that I saw,” I shouted. Staring at the orangey colour alien, I saw that the oval face of his was slimy, with big eyes (big as the earth). wearing a red long coat, he was stepping (one foot at a time) towards us. We couldn’t even run because his guards, with a Blaster (however more powerful), were behind us.     “Hello, my warriors. I am General Kudlak. Kudlak announced, “You have been teleported to Pandora, to kill all my enemies.” Me and all my friends (well, I just met them) panicked. We panicked so much that Luke had fainted. Standing back up, he said, “Ahmmmmm! We are not soldiers. We’re going home! Come on everyone!” Pushing all guards to the side, we trotted around the Pandora. wondering how to get out, we were getting petrified every minute, just thinking someone is spying on us. If someone was spying on us, then who was it….


Suspiciously, sitting down under a vast tree, I was gazing at the eyes of a monator. Coming towards us, the monator gnarled. With pointy teeth (sharp as a knife), the monator had a slimy face – which was very smelly like garbage in a dustbin. It had a body of a lion (however, much more bigger) and also had people wings  – but could not fly. Roarrr! “Aaaah! Get out of here!” screamed Gen. Running everywhere, we found a speaking tree. “Please help us!” shouted Luke. “Help you! Oh, ok!” announced the speaking tree. Climbing up the bumpy tree, the monator was trying to flap his wings – to fly. Swaying all the branches round and round, the tree chucked us all the way towards the waterfall. Soaking wet, we had got out of the water. Once again, we had been caught by Kudlak – who had been looking for his warriors. What did he want from us?


“Get off me!” I screamed at Kudlak. “Bow down to the Queen of warriors,” announced Kudlak. Staring at each other, we were wondering that what was happening. Wooosh! With a big a noise, a computer opened. “Welcome my warriors! You are ready to fight our enemies. We have seen your teamwork. Well done!” Now we were wishing that we hadn’t met each other. Luke was touching some electronic thing and he had a shock. “Luke, are you all right!” Gen screamed, while walking towards him. “Such loyality to each other. You have chosen well Kudlak,” announced the Queen. “Thankyou!” replied Kudlak.


The sun (which was a golden coin) was beaming at the tropical rainforest. Pushing us towards the enemies, we had to fight – eventhough we didn’t want to. We had ran away. As we were running, we found a colossal shuttle craft. Now we had a good chance to get out. Walking up and down, trying to get pass the twigs, we were infront of the shuttle craft. However, the problem was that none of us knew how to actually drive a shuttle craft or how to open and get inside the shuttle craft. ” That’s a start. No one know’s how to open or get inside the shuttle craft,” replied Luke. “I don,t think so! Your not going anywhere,” screamed Kudlak.


“Oh no!” shouted everyone. “What do you want with us? We don’t want to kill your enemies. Why don’t you kill them. You don’t need us!” I announced. “Yes, we do need you! Humans are great warriors.”Kudlak replied. Dragging us all the way to their enemies, we were petrified. “It is time for the war to begin,”announced Kudlak, “Let the battle begin!” Now, for three whole years we have been fighting their enemies, thinking that one day, one day, we will get teleported back to earth. All this time, we have been wondering about all the feelings that our families had. Maybe one day, we might go back to our comfy home….

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The Sacred Key- By Mohammed

by on Feb.07, 2011, under Literacy, Stuff

Slowly, as I entered the dilapidated building which had caught fire overnight, the sound was eerie. Rapidly, I scribbled some notes on my notepad. The reason I was in this building was because I (Jack) am a journalist. Suddenly, a cabbalistic figure emerged from the dark shadows. I gazed at him as if I could never like away from him. This man had a funny-looking turban and a cloak. As slow as a tortoise, he began to speak to me, “I will create a time portal and you must jump through it. It will take you to another land. There you will find an object and bring it back. You will know what it is when you see it. You must hurry, you have a limited amount of time. However, if you take too long, the portal will close and the world will come to an end.”I concealed my shock. I just stood there, gawping at the man. Is this true? I thought, Is this real? If so, then I had to do something. The time portal was still there, waiting for me to jump in. Finally I decided where mu loyalty lay. Without hesitation, I leapt in the time portal…
I landed with a thump. Groaning in pain, I stood up. Where was I? I thought. As I looked around, I saw that this land was magical and mythical. It was a land of strange beauty. Misty air covers the sky; not revealing what was behind it. The monumental trees swayed and whistled in the air. Furthermore, the roots of the colossal trees were attached to the mountains. Moreover, the prodigious mountains floated serenely in the air due to the magnetic fields. Cascading to the rocks, the glamorous, crystal clear waterfall gushes from high up. Radiant and colorful flowers lived and grew in the vast rain forest. The luscious green grass was trampled 0n by the humongous animals. However my thoughts were interrupted. I froze. My heart turned ti ice. I could hear a rustling noise nearby. Who, or what was it?
Before long, my answer came. Stood in front of me was the most vicious animal I had ever seen. It was called the Sanitour. As quick as a flash, I bolted. I darted through all of the rain forest until finally, I stumbled and fell. I cried in agony. The Sanitour started to gain on me. I felt petrified. “Stop!” I cried. “Please,” I added, wincing in pain. The Sanitour halted. It stared at me suspiciously. This is my only chance, I thought. Quickly, I recounted the tale of the missing object and how I got here. The Sanitour nodded in which looked like sympathy. Surprisingly, I found that it could talk. ” The object you are looking for I think is the Sacred Key which is heavily guarded by almost everyone,” he explained to me. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. I would never be able to get pass all the guards. Still, I thought, at least I’ve got some company. And with a smile, I drifted off into a deep sleep.
The next day I got up yawning. It was another beautiful sunny day. Slowly, I began to make my way through the plants and started to fond some food. When I had found some and finished eating it, I went back to where the Sanitour was now sitting near the fire, watching it dance in the air. ” We need to think of a plan,” I said to him whilst munching on some more leafs. ” I’ve got it! I’ve got a plan!” yelled the Sanitour.” Tell me the plan then,” I said to him impatiently. When he had finished explaining to the plan, I thought it was a good idea. In fact, it was the only idea. ” We’ll just have to see what happens tomorrow,” I muttered to myself  before going to sleep.
I was up early the next day. I couldn’t go to sleep at all last night. The problem was, I was nervous. All sorts of possibilities ran through my mind. Not watching what I was doing, I put a caterpillar in my mouth. What if the plan didn’t work? Just then, I tasted something with an atrocious flavour which I had never experienced before. ” Ugh!” I exclaimed as I spat out the caterpillar from my mouth. At that moment, the Sanitour was up. ” You’re going home today,” he said cheerfully. ” I hope,” I grumbled back. A few hours later, I was hiding behind a bush, mu eyes glued to the Sacred key. Before long, I heard a scream, ” WAR!” All the animals went away snarling, going to protect their land. The Sanitour can scream loud, I thought, impressesd. I wasted no time. Quickly, I sped off to get the Sacred key. As soon as I got it, I put in my pocket. I needed to get into a safe enough place. ” Phew,” I whispered to myself joyously, I was safe. Or, I thought I was safe. Just then, my whole body froze on the spot. I could hear the sound of heavy footsteps coming in my direction. THUMP! THUMP! It went. Weakly, I merely whispered, ” Who’s there?” It was a foolish thing to do. Slowly, a hungry beast emerged from it’s hiding place. It was the most ferocious beast I had ever seen. Growling, it took a step forward. Just when it was about to eat me, the Sanitour pounced on it from out nowhere. I was saved! ” Go.” He told me. ” I’ll hold him 0ff.” I didn’t need to be told twice. I ran like the wind. When I was in a safe enough place, I held the key out in my hand. I realized that I was fading away. At that moment, I heard a terrible scream of pain. I trembled from head to foot. Who had died?

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My Pandora Story!!

by on Feb.07, 2011, under Literacy

Sitting in the classroom, Bella stared out of the transparent window, watching the rain dance down from the clouds. Suddenly, the rain began to fall heavier and heavier, the clouds bashing and banging together. In no time at all, hail stone began to crash against the roof. Children started to scream and before Bella could move, she was struck by lightning. The next time Bella opened her eyes, she was in an absolutely different place…

Standing up, Bella could feel the dampness of the air, and noticed the vines and roots draping down from the collosal trees. Never had she seen anyhting so radiant: the colourful plants, strangely beautiful animals, glistening waterfalls and much more. Everything seemed to be connected  in this unique wonder. It was a wonder of the universe. A breeze hit Bella’s face and she knew that this world was amazing. She wanted to explore this adventurous world however, some creatures weren’t that impressed…

Frozen with fear, Bella stood silently, waiting for the animal to pounce. Thoughts streaming through her head: Will I make it?, What am I going to do?, Should I run?, Should I stay? AAGH! Staring at Bella, eyes the size of the Pandora moon followed her round, wherever she went. Bella could see its legs twitch, its eyes open and close. Before she knew it, her body took over. There was only one thing to do now, RUN! The animal leapt forward toward her and started to sprint after Bella. Looking behind her, Bella ran faster. She could se a cliff in the distance. Stopping suddenly, Bella stepped aside and let the creature run straigth ahead, off the cliff, down,down,down. At that moment, Bella tripped over a rock and fell into a crystal clear waterfall. Soaking wet, Bella clambered to the side of the waterfall and heaved herself up however, something was holding her back…

Tired of pulling, Bella gave up and just floated on the surface of the water. Suddenly, she heard a loud noise coming from beneath her. Bubbles formed around her furthermore, she was lifted up from the water on a manavora’s head, (one of the fiercest animals in Pandora). Viciously, the manavora shook Bella off its head and called for its army. In a matter of minutes, an army of manavoras surrounded Bella. She could see a gap in between the animals legs where she could escape. Cautiously, Bella tip-toed over to the gap, sprinted through it and ran as fast as she could, towards a root. As soon as they noticed, the manavora’s charged after her. Gasping for breath, Bella found a hole in an immense rock and hid there until the animals had passed. Never had she been so petrified. Soon, she crept out and found herself face to face with amuch fiercer animalthen the manavora – the dactteroid.

Petrified, Bella stood, her feet unable to move, like they were glued to the grassy ground. The dactteroid glared at Bella with menecing eyes, knowing that she was a threat. Within two minutes, Bella was out of the way and once again running. Following quickly, the dactteroid sped after bella, hoping he would catch her. Soon,  Bella found herself at a dead end so, she jumped up and held on to a mossy vine. Suddenly, the vine began to swing. Bella held on with all her might, but began to slip, down and down. Crying for help, Bella fell off a cliff and luckily landed in a portal. Bella knew she was going back to Heathfield Primary however, Pandora was still all she could see!

By Carys!!

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My Pandora Story!!

by on Feb.07, 2011, under Literacy

One drisally Monday morning, I stood in the hairdressers, doing a middle-aged ladies hair. In dismay, I started to mutter to my client. All of a sudden.. a shotting pain rushed right the way up my pale body!  In shock, I squeezed my arm (to get the pain away) however it didn’t go away. I dropped the hairdryer. I started to feel as wobbly as jelly, my legs began to drop. Suddenly, I fell head first on the wooden floor….

Minutes later, I began to awake. I opened one eye. I was expecting to be in the hairdressers, was I? I felt humid!  Slowly, I couldn’t resist getting up.. I saw a collosal shadow in the distants! Where was I? nI found myslef in Pandora. It was radient, the astonishing trees, stood on their roots, slowly swifting in the exotic, breezy air. I was the most spectacular magic place ever seen. The tropical grass stood on ends shining.

All of a sudden, I turned around… and illumanous, mythical monotaur stared at me with his menasing eyes. I started to make eye contact with the beautiful dangerous animal. Running like a cheetar, I came close to a sharp edge of a floating cliff. Lashing I bent down, and stood firm. In haste, i his behind a magical tree. Luckily, the dragon did not see me, however the dragon fell of a non-lasting cliff!

Approaching the evil,blood red tree, I suddenly felt a soggy root slithering up my damp body. Screaming, I tried to tear the slimy rope of me, but it was to slippy. I felt myself lifting of my feet, like some fairy dust was sprinkled on me. As soon as I knew it i was in a colourful crystal clear waterfall. I was wet through!

Tick-tock! Tick-tock!  I could not find a way to get out of the baby blue, darting waterfall. What was I going to do? I was getting bored by n0w. Glancing around me,  a tunnel caught my eye. I carried on staggering towards it, like a tiger had found its food. Pitch black, I could not seemy way to the end of the tunnel.  BANG! Seconds later, my head banged on a humungous door. Creeking,  I began to open the roting, wooden door!  I saw my own world again, there I was at the home! I walked back into my amazing life again. I felt like the happiest girl in the world!!

By Ellie.

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My Pandora Story

by on Feb.06, 2011, under Stuff

The frost crept down the street early in the morning, I was fast asleep when I heard a big bang. So I slowly crept towards it, it was my telly, it all went funny. So a few minutes later I went over and touched it, my hand had vanished so I put my other hand in and that vanished too. Suddenly I had disappeared…

After a few minutes, I opened one eye, I could see a tropical place laying infront of me. As I moved an arm I could feel something like it was a cosy blanket, i was feeling so warm that I could stay there forever. My leg twitched like something was grabbing it. As I opened the other eye I could see the earthy, brown branches belonging to a colossal tree.I saw the astonishing trees glow though the dark mist. The place was so strange but beautiful.As soon as I stood up I heard the leaves crunching like something was there! The noise grew louder and louder, suddenly I saw a big, bloody paw as sharp as thorns. My heart was beating like I had just ran across the sea! What should i do?

Slowly, I turned around, my eyes caught a glimpse of two menacing eyes of a dark figure. As quick as a flash, I rapidly turned and sprinted.Frantically I eventually turned around to see the preditor as my head turned one way, I saw myself on the edge of a cliff. Clearly as I had nowhere to run, I carried on sprinting for my precious life. Startled, I turned around, still behind me but now even closer. As I took a step back the preditor tumbled wildly down a never-ending cliff…

All of a sudden i remembered that I had not drank in two whole day, so after a few seconds, I turned my head and then turned it back, I saw a tiny door in the distance on a hallelujah mountain. As i started to walk I landed up infront of a hallelujah mountain, there was a eight legged beast right infront of me so I decided to jump on its leg so I could get on the other side of the hallelujah mountain so the eight legged beast lept on the hallelujah mountain that the tiny door was on. Now I was on the over side, I opened the door…

As I took a step into the the door the place was so different than the place outside. After time went by I tried to open the door to go back outside, but it wouldn’t open so I carried on walking and I saw this tree and i went up to it and I thought it was glowing, when I got closer I found out that it was glowing and I wasn’t imagining it. As I took another step the tree was trying to speak to me, it was saying,
“I am the tree of truth and I can help you to get home so just follow these steps: Go through the path of thorns and then through the blood river.You will come to three boxes but only pick the one you want, now start your journey” Now the tree had disappeared. So I started to walk on and now I had come to the first challenge. It was the paths there where two of them the path of thorns and the path of gold, I had to pick the path of thorns if I wanted to get home. After an hour of trying to get through the thorns I finally did it. The next challenge was coming closer and closer the time was ticking. The next challenge was here I had too go through the rivers. There was three rivers the river of blood, the river of gold and the river of diamonds,so I picked the river of blood, but was at the other side. So finally i came to the last challenge the challenge was to pick the box I wanted it was between all the money of the world, eternal life or to go home. I picked to go home so i went through the go home box and i came to this river I saw myself init and I went to touch I went to this different place and I recognized this place it was HOME!!! I was finally home.

By Murron

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My Pandora story – By Maryam

by on Feb.06, 2011, under Stuff

It was a frosty morning, while I was sat miserabley in my car, I suddenly found myself on a gigantic cliff, driving wildly. My car swished side to side, on the icey roads. Abruptly, my car slid off the diminutive road, in a unexpected time. Crash! my car landed at the bottom of the humongeous cliff.

I was terrified, to scared to even open my eyes. What had happened to me? I shut my eyes tight, in fear! Finally, I peeped around, with just one eye open. First thing I saw was the gigantic roots, above the trees.  In a hurry, I dashed to my feet. The trees were swaying in the dark breeze, as if they were trying to tell me something. Eventually, I took my first steps, towards a river. The water was crystal clear, just  like glimmering golden jewels.  Furthermore I touched the unique trees and plants. Everything was amazing, the tropical forest was stunning.I had a very queer feeling that someone or something was looking at me. Slowly I turned around.After 2 seconds, my eyes caught a glimpse of a huge fragile claw, which was hanging out of some astrodinary bushes. Snappp!.. A twig just snapped. Now I was sure there was something there. But what was it? Before I could run, I saw some menasing glooming eyes glaring at me. I shivered and shaked, and just thought of an idea. RUNNN! I dashed for my  precious life. Madly jumping in and out of all the radient wildlife. For one single moment, I thought I was a goner.

I stumbled and staggered through the world of Pandora. Behind me was a gigantic creature.  What was  I going to happen to me? Was I going to survive throughout this dangerous world? I wasnt sure about that.

After a while, I found  myself at a edge of a huge mountain. What was I going to do?  For one moment, I thought to jump off. No I would die anyway. I stood there impatient and terrified. The menacing creature was still behind me, but now even closer. Suddenly I grabbed one of the massive roots, and flung across to the other mountain. A diminutive door, I staggered in. Relieved but shocked. Nothing was in this place, just a door. Slowly I creped outside, the dark figure was still there. Waiting for his food. I knew that I will be in this room for a long long time. Hours and hours passed, but the creature was not there anymore. What a relief..

Frantically I darted outside. WOW! Pandora was now night. Astrodinary sights caught my eye. Pandora but now 10 times beautiful.  The glowing rivers shone in the moonlight. It was unbelievable, the trees and plants glimmered in the dark nights. I could hear the roars and wailing of dangerous animals from the distance. I was amazed, but tired!..

I strolled slowly, towards the diminutive bridge. I glared at myself, through the water. I only saw a depressed, isolated face. I only wanted to go home. Home, my home. Suddenly a flash of light came. The bridge shaked and vibrated. Immediately it snapped in half, I tumbled in the water. I struggled to get out..

First thing I saw was me in my messy room, sat on my diminutive bed. IM HOME! I was just about to go and tell my parents what had happened, but surely they would not believe me. Would you if I told you?

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The Greek Wonder…. Pandora (By John)

by on Feb.05, 2011, under Stuff

As the calm, crystal clear water was as flat as a vicious lion sleeping, Sid decided to go for a journey in his most  price-less vehicle his… speed boat!!! As a fellow Greeconian he shot of into the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Suddenly, a whirl-pool shot out of the blue, and being as good as he thinks he is ,Sid decided to drive around it. Then, the pool started to drag the boat in closer, further every-second he drew closer. BANG!!! He was in…. but where?

The next particle of life that caught Sid’ eye was the world of Pandora. It was a luminous mixture of green grass and blue sky. The humidity in the air was class zero (uninhabitable for humans). The Hallelujah mountains circle the hallow space, where the others had shadowed.

Suddenly, he stood-up and trampled to the edge of the cliff face, of Mount. Claver. A Sythagarous (a six legged Gorilla) crept up behind, Sid started to run. He jumped off the cliff and he started to fly, because he had webbed feet, hands and legs.

That very moment, he started to worry, and think how to get back home. He eventually, had his mind down on an idea, his plan was to fly-high and swoop down. Sid pre-paid him-self, then the next day he was off.

Every second the breeze on Sid’ face became heaver, as he climbed.Then suddenly, he was higher than the clouds. Then he shot down, faster than a F1 driver. He hit the water of Pandora, suddenly when he rose to the surface and he saw Greece, he had never been happier to see Greece in his entire life. He made it ashore, and he told everybody. Now, Sid learnt his lesson not to be fancy, and to drive/walk away from danger.

By John!!!

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Warriors Of Kudlak

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As the scortching sun was shining on the building, Combat 3000, I (Saleha) was playing a war game inside it. Children had protective armour on with a Sontaran Blaster with one hundred lives. Sprinting here and there, just waitind for clever people to attack, I was waiting for my points of level one. Showing my magnificent points, the talking computer announced,                                                                   “You are ready for level two now!                                                                                                                      
“Yes! Oh yes! I came first.” I replied, while jumping up and down like a brown kangaroo. With excitement, I dashed into level two of the war game in the colossal Combat 3000. However now, we only had ten lives in the Sontaran Blaster. There was a secret a room, where it led us to the world champion – ship of the war game. As soon as the first person gets inside the secret room, they would have the world champion – ship trophy. When I reached to the secret room, I got trapped between two doors. I panicked. Rapidly, my heart started beating. All of a sudden, there was thrash of lightening, with clouds banging and heavy rain. Brr! What had happened?

Plip! Plop! Plip! Plop! As the bitter water was dripping down of he leaves, I slowly opened my brown eyes. Gazing at the foggy sky, I stood up. Looking around me, I saw that this moon that I was on was a world of wonder and mystery, which was incredibly dangerous, but has strange beauty. Because of the toxic atmosphere, no human being could live on the moon without special protection. For some reason, as I got here (well how ever I got here), I already had special protection. As the sky was turning bright and the crystal, clear water reached at the end of the waterfall, viscous animals were here and there, sprinting everywhere. Just then, the sky turned misty. The leaves were waiting for the transparent, trickling water to drip off. Whilst life – threatening animals were roaming everywhere, colossal , bumpy trees were stood there silently and alone… Thirsty, ragged roots were looking for salty water to drink. On the other hand, I could see from far away, blue naves were gazing at animals to kill. As well as venture in the tropical rainforest, it looked radiant. This was a monumental world with dangerous beauty!

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Out Of The Blue!!By Raja!

by on Feb.04, 2011, under Literacy

The school bell had rang. It was a frosty afternoon. As I walked home, the snow crackled beneath me. Suddenly, a violent man came and tried to chase me. I ran as fast as I could but he always caught up. At that moment, he shoved me into a colossal crystal clear pond…..

I woke up! I found myself in the middle of a forest. I lifted my hand up and the air was wet. Just as I stood up, the luscious green grass tickled my foot as I walked. I sprinted towards he vast trees. As I made my way through, I found myself at the edge of a mountain!

As I looked at the beautiful sight, something was to be heard. Cautiously, I turned around. My eyes lit up. I slowly walked backwards. Tripping over a vine, I found myself confronted with a savage beast…….

As he was walking towards me, he bellowed out and creature’s came from nowhere. They all glared at me in disgust. A male creature came towards me. He studied me carefully and walked back.
“Human” He said.
They all took several steps back. They took out their weapons that gleamed brightly. All charged towards me.“STOP!!!”
A noise was to be heard in the distance. A colossal dragon came out of the sky. Its skin glimmered in the sun. It landed in front of us all. A man leapt off it. Everybody bowed down in respect. After a while, I had realised that this man was the King of this world. He greeted me, but glared and me disgracefully. “Ah. A human” He said.
Several minutes later, he came over to me and told me something. The Human war was near. Just then, as we were talking, a missile darted towards us at rapid speed!

I ran for my life. I dodged all missiles. Suddenly, I saw a little figure. It was screaming. As I looked at the figure, I saw a missile heading straight towards her! I dived towards it and pushed. It stumbled over a vine and rolled down a hill. As it rolled, a monstrous boulder crossed its body. The sight was truly horrifying. Just then, an explosion came from nowhere. Flames burst up. I went flying and hit my skull on an immense rock. I screamed in pain and struggled to get help. I looked around and saw everyone standing guard. After a while, a spear bolted towards me. I closed my eyes and prayed for help. At that moment, I looked in front of me; a vigorous animal was standing there protecting me. The Humans war had just begun………

After a while, I stood up and staggered towards a spear. I lifted it up. A few minutes later, a pile of human’s came to attack me. I sliced my way through bodies. At that moment, a knife slashed through my chest. My face was filled with fury. I took the knife out of my body. My eyes turned red. I sliced my way through the crowd. When I was done, there was absolute silence. Bodies scattered all over the floor. Blood puddles were everywhere. I stood there in shock. Suddenly, a bullet came at me. I dodged the bullet, but got stabbed with a knife. I lifted my hand up, and clenched my fists. I came towards the man and swung a punch at his stomach. I carried on and started to punch him even more. He glared at me in anger. He stumbled towards and started to fight back. Bruises were found all over my body. Blood was everywhere. I fell to the floor. When I got up, I made a run for it. I made it to a colossal tree. I looked at it carefully as it glowed. Luminous colours sparked out of it. My face dropped. I turned around. As I turned around, a spear pierced through my forehead. Blood was covering my face. Just then, my heart stopped…….

By Raja

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As I enter the magical world I see a huge cliff hovering above a sea of trees, it defies the laws of gravity. Above the cliff climes a cold sun it’s scintillating brightness cuts through the toxic clouds that surrounds the floating mass. From the side of the cliff, a waterfall crashes onto the rocks, before it evaporates into the air. Above the cliff hang two space helicopters like dragon flies hanging in the mist.

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Show not tell your reader!

by on Feb.03, 2011, under Stuff

As you know, we have been using the world of Pandora from Avatar to inspire our story writing. We also had a amazing session with Pie Corbett who work with us to help us create sentences that didn’t tell the reader too much.

Today, I worked with the pupils on the technique of showing not telling your reader. Instead of telling the reader:

Mr. Mitchell bolted across the road because the zombified Headteacher was chasing him.

You could write: Mr. Mitchell anxiously glared behind him as the heavy footsteps grew louder.

The first sentence is technically good but tells the reader too much too soon. However, the second sentence drips in some information that keeps the reader gripped and wondering what on earth is happening!

I asked my class to pull out the exciting part of their Pandora story. Armed with a list of adverbs that are displayed in the Voicethread below, the were tasked with adding some adverbs to show the reader not tell the reader what was happening. See if you can hear this at work in the Voicethread below:

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My timeline of my Pandora story.

by on Jan.25, 2011, under Stuff

This is a version completed on Smart Notebook that I modelled in our Literacy lesson this morning. Please remember how I built my ideas out loud and see if you can produce something similar in the way it looks but totally different in terms of the story! If the picture below look strange, please just click on it to view and then you can zoom in if needed. It’s hard to cater for all screen sizes.

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Pie Corbet

by on Jan.25, 2011, under Stuff

I cant wait to actually meet a real author on cover it live ! :) I havent got any questions to ask oohh uhh. :)

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Description of Pandora!!!

by on Jan.24, 2011, under Literacy

The world of pandora is a world of mystery, which is planted next to a gas giant surronded by many-a Moons. Pandora has a toxic atmousphere which only allows the navi race to live there. The crystal water dripps down the magnifying waterfall, which towers like a skyscraper.

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Pie Corbett (virtually) visits Heathfield Primary School, Bolton

by on Jan.24, 2011, under Stuff

We are all very excited to have such a successful author visit our school through our blog using Coveritlive. He will be spending up to 45 minutes with us answering some questions but mainly supporting us creating characters and a great plot for our Pandora based stories. Below is the Coveritlive window that we will be using to communicate with him:

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The world of Pandora.

by on Jan.24, 2011, under Literacy

The world of Pandora is a mythical place with unique animals. Flowers sitting very tranquil waiting to be picked. Many strange things lie beneath the atmostphere of the canopy. Green, blue, red every colour is seen in the world of Pandora. The collasal animals shimmer in the golden sunlight. A huge water fall, trickeling, waiting to reach the bottom. Rivers shimering in the glow of the small shining bugs from up above. Gigantic clouds, fluffy like huge blue candyfloss’. Immense animals flying above what goes on beneath them, like a hawk! The moon like white and blue paint mixed together. There is nothing ugly in Pandora. Cubs of immense animals padding along the huge reeds on the ground. Radiant trees standing tall and proud. Sapphire birds leaping from side to side on the admirable tree’s. The toxic atmosphere is life threating to humas, but yet so habitable.

Ny fern (year 6 )

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This is how I see pandora, By Thomas.

by on Jan.24, 2011, under Stuff

The land of critical beauty, Pandora. The animals are luminouse and brightly neon. The dazzaling colers dance accros the organisms. The hammer heads are berly skined, I also like the petulant and belligerent animals. From space you can see milky tuffs of clouds, like fungie growing on a log, additionally, you can see layered mountains, on the planet. Floating mountains, held of the ground by the force of magnatism. It is a rainforest, but on a larger scale. Pandora is amazing.

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The World of Pandora

by on Jan.24, 2011, under Literacy

A place of wonder and mystery is The World of Pandora. The huge gas moon makes the atmosphere a wonder to mankind. Toxic air swirls invisibly orbiting the gigantic land. Just under the air, comes lonely and massive trees standing as straight as a sky scraper. Connected form one big tree are all the people of Pandora. Some of these people can be animals and creatures which are  awe- inspiring and dangerous. The 6 limbed hunters are known for there incredibility of rapid speed, super grip and strong muscles inside. Far below in the canopy, a scent of strange beauty can be smelt from miles away. This is the weird love that comes from the creatures. All around Pandora a mysterious cure that lies. It is definitely the life threatening world we you do not want to live in.

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The World Of Pandora- By Mohammed

by on Jan.24, 2011, under Stuff

The world of Pandora is mythical and magical. It is a land of strange beauty. Misty air covers the sky; not revealing what is behind it. However, the air is toxic, which makes it uninhabitable for humans. The monumental trees whistle and sway in the air. Furthermore, the roots of the colossal trees are attached firmly to the other mountains. Moreover, the prodigious mountains float serenely through the air due to the magnetic fields. Cascading to the rocks, the glamorous, crystal clear waterfalls gushes down from high up. However, not everything is calm. Vicious and treacherous animals roam throughout the land. They are six-limbed and awe-inspiring. Danger lurks around everywhere in the rain forest. However, not everything is dangerous- radiant and colourful flowers live there and grow everyday. Furthermore, the luscious green grass is trampled on by the humongous animals. This land contained mysterious wonders, and some of them no-one will ever find….

                                                                                                       By Mohammed Yusuf

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Description of Pandora By Carys

by on Jan.21, 2011, under Literacy, Stuff

The world 0f Pandora is a mystery, waiting to be figured out. Everywhere you look, there’s danger as well as beauty. Pandora is a unique and tropical place where everything is connected together.  The toxic atmosphere is deadly to humans without special protection. Sometimes clear, sometimes misty. The emerald green giants swaying in the wind, whisper to each other. Each and every animal is special in its own way: vicious, unusual and strangely beautiful. Pandora its selfis a cherished world.

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Description of Pandora, by Liam.

by on Jan.21, 2011, under Literacy

Pandora is an exotic, as the radiant sun begins to fade you can admire the full radiance of its landscape. This land is filled with utter beauty, such as: the mysterious caves, rushing waterfalls which trickle down  cliffs with light glimmering of it, tropical (deadly) plants, lucious vines, furthermore ragged rough cliffs. Mystical beasts roam the land lurking in the distance, searching for its prey. These beasts have 2 faces, they are the nice side, also the extremely vicious side. This land is unhabitable to humans, due to its deadly toxic atmosphere.

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Pandora!!! By Raja!

by on Jan.18, 2011, under Stuff

Pandora is a world of wonder. It is not safe for human being’s. This moon Pandora may be toxic! The sight’s of  Pandora are AMAZING. The lands are dangerous, and BEWARE of the animal’s, they are ferocious! Pandora is strangely beautiful. The luxurious green grass tickles your feet as you walk. Thing’s that are seen are unbelievable. Once you see this, it feels like your eyes will explode! Not all animal’s are ferocious. Even the scariest animal in this tropical forest takes his own time to look after his family.  Even though thing’s happen like this, the wilderness is still aggressive. The world of Pandora is mysterious….

By Raja.

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World Of Pandora! By Raja!

by on Jan.17, 2011, under Stuff

Hi I am Raja and I am going to say some describing words about Pandora. If you have your own words please add them on!

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The World of Pandora

by on Jan.16, 2011, under Stuff

If you are having viewing problems of the pad below, please use this link to take you to the full screen version.

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